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Location 68 | Stationery

Logos | Identities, Print, Typography, Others

Location 68 | Logo

Campaigns, Logos | Identities, Moving image, Print, Typography, Websites | Digital, Others

The Tuning Company | Illustrations

Illustration, Others

Salomon Snowboard Designs

Customisation, FL@33 projects, Illustration, Products, Culture | Arts, Others, Retail

Groupe Galeries Lafayette | LaSer Illustration

Illustration, Print, Others, Retail

Elaine Harris / Cuba | Stationery

Print, Others

Location 68 | Website

Campaigns, Logos | Identities, Screen, Typography, Websites | Digital, Others

Altran | Animation / Video Projection

Illustration, Installations | Exhibits, Moving image, Screen, Others

Génépi Immobilier | Brochure

Covers | Jackets, Print, Others

MTV Networks | MTV:NEW Pitch

Illustration, Logos | Identities, Moving image, Screen, Typography, Culture | Arts, Music | Sound, Others

Groupe Galeries Lafayette | BHV Illustration

Illustration, Print, Others, Retail

VH1 | Idents / VJ Background Animations

Illustration, Logos | Identities, Moving image, Screen, Culture | Arts, Music | Sound, Others

The Creator Studio | Cover / Illustrations

Covers | Jackets, FL@33 projects, Illustration, Print, Culture | Arts, Others, Publishing, Retail

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