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Digital Arts, December issue, Pulse section, book review: FL@33’s book Postcard, p.14, London, UK, December 2008 (English)

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Digital Arts, December 2008

Postcard, by FL@33, is an international showcase of contemporary postcard design featuring the work of more than 100 artists, illustrators, photographers and designers from around the world. Even in an age of free e-cards, emails, texts and media messages, the humble postcard thrives, and this book proves that artists, designers and illustrators are continually exploring the endless possibilities of one of the smallest canvases available. The book comes with 20 specially commissioned postcards that sit snugly in the pockets of the cover. Designs come from France, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, the US, Spain and Switzerland. Published by Laurence King, the 224-page paperback Postcard costs £19.95

Digital Arts, December 2008

Digital Arts, December 2008


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