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Digital Arts, digitalartsonline.co.uk, News, These are the Best Button Badge Designs of 2016, by Miriam Harris, London, UK, 16 November 2016 (English)
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DigitalArts, 16 November 2016

Check out the awesome work from this year’s Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition – including awards for single badges & sets of four.
___ The winners of this year’s Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition have been announced.
___ The graphic arts label’s annual competition is now in it’s 12 year, which saw an unprecedented amount of designers, photographers, artists, illustrators and students entering.
___ A total of 279 individual badge designers entered, and 30 were awarded prizes by a panel of judges including Digital Arts editor Neil Bennett. Other judges included Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek from associated design studio FL@33 and Stereohype, writer Anastasia Frost and Jo Gulliver from Computer Arts.
___ There are two categories under which designers can win a prize – single badge entries and sets of four. First prize for the single badge category went to News Zhang, and Lara Peralta came first for the sets of four category.
___ Check out designs from a few of 2016's category winners. If you want to buy the winning badges, visit the Stereohype website.
___ Also check out Stereohype’s BIO (By Invitation Only) Series 16. It’s a one-inch button badge series that Stereohype sells separately and gives away as a free surprise badge with selected Stereohype T-shirts.

1st prize (single badge)—News Zhang: This year’s single badge first prize went to Zhang JianXiong (News Zhang). He’s in his final year of his Graphic Arts Degree studies in China. Described as hardworking and expressive, News Zhang has a collection of emoji designed to help others express themselves in original ways.
2nd prize (single badge)—Ciaran Meister: Dublin-based illustrator Ciaran Meister is also a music producer, making music documentries and promotional videos under the alias of Mangetout. He also runs a small Irish label called Mines Clarence.
3rd prize (single badge)—Blanca Rego: Blanca Rego’s designs artistic audiovisual pieces which have been shown at numerous exhibitions and festivals throughout Europe and America. These days her work evolves around the subjects of rain, noise, chaos and void, from a literal sense and a conceptual point of view.
1st prize (set of 4)—Lara Peralta: First prize for set of four went to Lara Peralta, a freelance art director, graphic designer and illustrator from Portugal. Lara began her career in advertising agencies, design studios and also worked in a non-profit organisation. Her set of four badges, Reach for the Sky, takes a witty angle to the common phrase. Grab a star, the moon, a cloud or anything.
2nd prize (set of 4)—Zuzanna Kwiecien: Zuzanna is currently a student at Gray’s School of Art in Scotland. Her work includes experimenting with textures to bring humour and meaning to her illustrations.
3rd prize (set of 4)—Prateek Vatash: Prateek’s work involves geometry, colours and shapes in a vibrant and bold manner. He’s a graphic-artist and designer based in India.

DigitalArts, 16 November 2016

DigitalArts, 16 November 2016


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