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Adobe Insider, September 2007, FL@T Hunting, by Dom Hall, FL@33 profile / interview, August 2007 (English)

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Adobe Insider, September 2007

From getting to grips with Photoshop 2.5 on a load of floppy discs, to creating complex cross media campaigns, FL@33 have been there, done that and, probably, designed the T-shirt.
___ FL@33 is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in London, powered by the creative spark between two European designers with heaps of energy, a case full of fantastic ideas and the kind of leading-edge design skills rival companies would kill for.
___ Founded in 2001 by Parisian Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek, who originally hails from Frankfurt, FL@33 describes itself as a "multi-lingual and multi-specialised studio for visual communication." The company prides itself on its eclectic approach to work and operates across a number of areas including concept generation, print, screen-based work, broadcast, motion graphics, interface design, websites, exhibition design and publishing.
___ The companies mission, the pair tells us, is to "create a professional, vibrant, fresh and artistic body of work while keeping a balance between commissioned and self-initiated projects and publications." An approach which has bought the company clients ranging from MTV Networks to Friends of the Earth to the BBC. ...


... ___ The pair also have their hands in a number of other pies including Stereohype.com – a graphic art & fashion boutique. They are also behind the incredibly popular 200 % Cotton and 300% Cotton series of books on T-Shirt design.
___ Considering their multi-lingual, multi disciplinary approach, it's no surprise Agathe and Tomi are veteran users of Adobe's creative software applications.
"If there is one programme we could all use blind-folded it's Photoshop," they say. "Tomi started using Photoshop with version 2.5 which came on a handful of floppy disks back in the early 90's. It's simply the most outstanding tool we use as image makers and visual communicators. Photoshop especially in combination with our own vast digital photo collection is essential to visualise ideas digitally," the pair tell us.
___ They have also recently completed a project for consultancy group Altran to create a flash-driven animation which is projected onto a huge glass screen in the reception area of the company's Paris headquarters.
___ "The animation has a whopping 1200 individual frames and was drawn in a stop motion technique and a bit of the 'blend' option in Freehand and 'motion tween' in Flash. It's quite a piece of work."
___ As for the future – there  are lots of things on the horizon, but one particular project the two are really looking forward to getting underway.
___ "While we were writing the answers for this interview UPS delivered the handbooks for our recently purchased Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. Can't wait to find out what's new..." | flat33.com, stereohype.com

Adobe Insider, September 2007


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