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Creative Review, creativereview.co.uk, FL@33 work to date, by Mark Sinclair, London, UK,
22 January 2013 (English)
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Creative Review, 22 January 2013

Much more than just an updated online portfolio, design studio FL@33's new website is a complete archive of the work Tomi Vollauschek and Agathe Jacquillat have been doing since they founded the practice in 2001...
___ According to Vollauschek the new flat33.com contains over 200 new, previously unreleased and 'classic' FL@33 projects, details of which have been updated with a search function and extra background information. The site balances random image displays with tightly focussed search options to find particular projects.
___ But the studio has been meticulous in its gathering up of all FL@33 mentions in the press and details of exhibitions and lectures it has been involved with. CR has been following the duo's progress since 2001, for example, and users can even see the issue they first appeared which covered their Royal College of Art graduate show (below). (((See page here)))
___ To delve into FL@33's portfolio, users can search by type of project or by sector. The 'Illustration' page is shown above; roll over an image and the site offers more detail on the project. Individual project pages look like this: (((screenshot Wood Architecture cover shown)))
___ The new responsive site is also optimised to be displayed across different browser sizes, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.
___ All in all it's one of the strongest studio sites we've seen for a while, and evidence that when you care about the work you do this much, it pays to show it off well. As well as highlighting new work, they've also managed to put everything they've done into a wider context, too, so the story of the studio is told right from the start. See flat33.com.
___ flat33.com is designed by FL@33 and programmed by Huck und Fresow.

Creative Review, 22 January 2013


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