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Digital Arts, October issue, Headline News Story – review: FL@33’s book Made & Sold – Illustrators Find New Ways to Earn, p.6, London, UK, September 2009 (English)

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Digital Arts, October 2009

Headline news story: Digital Arts – Illustrators find new ways to earn

A new book hails creatives who sell their own toys, T-shirts, posters and more – and encourages you to branch out.
___ Creative agency FL@33 has launched a glossy book gathering a mind-boggling selection of self-initiated real-world art projects by leading illustrators, designers and creative types.
___ Featuring over 600 images and input from both leading lights in illustration and design, and enterprising startup studios, Made & Sold aims to inspire cash-strapped creatives to follow the entrepreneurial example of the case studies in the book. With sample projects ranging from vinyl toys to books and magazines, T-shirts to posters, the book showcases projects from individuals, studios and collectives. Airside, Emily Forgot, HudsonBec, James Joyce, Jeff Knowles, Jon Burgerman, and Peepshow all feature.
___ Published by Laurence King and released in October 2009 for £19.95, Made & Sold shows that the credit crunch hasn’t necessarily led UK creatives into a creativity crunch, and celebrates the eclectic output and can-do attitude of the creative industry now. | madeandsold.com

Picture credits: Kate Sutton, Andrew Byrom, Jon Burgerman

Digital Arts, October 2009

Digital Arts, October 2009


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