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We were commissioned by French firm Matelsom when we launched FL@33 in July 2001 to redesign their website. This new version (v.2) went live in autumn / winter 2001 at the same time the first FL@33-designed Matelsom Metro poster campaign was launched across Paris.
___ Screenshots of matelsom.com's redesigned website (v.2) – shown here – seem to have been taken from the site sometime in the winter of the following year – after – the new FL@33-designed Matelsom logo, housefont and illustrations were integrated into the v.2 website.
___ Using rather tricky (at the time) mask layers above the vast range of otherwise rectangular product pictures allowed for the photographs to be shown in a circle – not an obvious effect to achieve for product-heavy online shops in those days. Introducing illustrations, softer pastel colours and softer, rounder shapes and circles helped to create a warmer, more cosy atmosphere for this mattress and bed supplier.

Matelsom.com is the leading e-commerce mattress and bed supplier in France. It offers choices of thousands of products to be ordered online or via telephone. Nowadays it's part of Groupe Matelsom that also includes French firm Camif since 2009.
___ Between 2001 and 2007 FL@33 had the continuous task to develop communication strategies, generate concepts and consult them across all media, which lead to Matelsom's logo, their custom housefont, stationery, website design of their version 2 and help with version 3 including UI icons and other graphic elements, illustrations for web banners and print ads, Metro poster campaigns 2002, 2003/2004 and Dream campaign 2004/2005, bus posters, CD cover, mattress fabric pattern, T-shirts and more.
___ From 2003 onwards we also took care of many communication aspects including developing visual identities of Matelsom's sister-companies including meubles.com.


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