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Two elegant limited edition gift boxes designed by FL@33 featuring a custom shoelace were released by Stereohype. They contain 7 button badges each selected from the 48 AFOMFS (A Few of My Favourite Sneakers) badge series 1 – a collaboration between sneaker blog Art & Sole, Stereohype and FL@33.
___ Previous packaging solutions FL@33 developed for T-shirt and button badge label Stereohype include AFOMFS series shoelace packaging, themed sets of four for Habitat, Stereohype's gift box sets of seven and sets of 3 or 4 swing tag packs (later replaced with deluxe matchbox-style gift box packaging).
___ Stereohype's growing collection of button badges created by over 650 international graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists is currently featuring over 1,700 individual designs. They consist of B.I.O. (by invitation only) button badge series 1–22 contributions, winners of Stereohype's annual button badge design competition and additional series such as collaborative AFOMFS series and MICA series. Now sold out – the badges themselves are still available via stereohype.com and selected stockists.

(...) The new A Few of my Favourite Sneakers (AFOMFS) badge series may make you gaze fondly at the foot-ware you’re currently sporting or rustle up some nostalgia. (...) This special shoelace caught my attention because it (pun alert) tied the entire project together. (...) Melissa Mazzoleni, How

(...) B.I.O. undoubtedly makes Stereohype one of the coolest online shopping destinations for button badges. (...) Gavin Lucas, excerpt from his book Badge/Button/Pin

(...) The humble button badge is an unforgiving canvas. Small and designed to be viewed from a distance, great badge designs need to be clear and to the point. To celebrate the best of what's possible on a 25mm round surface, 15 years ago Agathe and Tomi from design studio FL@33 and graphic art label Stereohype created a button design competition, asking artists and designers to submit sets of up to four badges. (...) Neil Bennett, Digital Arts

(...) Stereohype's ... badge design competition ... has become an annual, rather joyous stalwart of the emerging designer community in the UK. (...) Emily Gosling, AIGA Eye on Design

(...) Über die B.I.O.-Initiative (by invitation only) und diverse Button-Wettbewerbe ist so in den vergangenen (...) Jahren eine beachtliche Anzahl an kleinformativen Kunstwerken zusammengekommen. Verblüffend ist dabei immer wieder die kreative Vielfalt, die sich selbst auf so beschränktem Raum (25mm) zu entfalten vermag. (...) Christine Moosmann, Novum

(...) espaces d’expression restreints à 25 mm de diamètre, les objets supportent un art de la présentation qui ne souffre pas l’étalage. Les séries B.I.O. (by invitation only) accessoirisent l’identité personnelle : à exhiber, à afficher, à affirmer. /
(...) The objects – a rather tiny 25mm-wide space for expression – lend themselves to an art of display that can’t be overdone. The B.I.O. (by invitation only) series accessorise personal identity – exhibiting, displaying, asserting it. (...) Caroline Bouige, Étapes: / Étapes: international

(...) I like the prints very much – the paper and print quality are really excellent. That whole project is so interesting – I'm amazed at the number and variety of the badges, and very impressed by the quality of presentation. I'm happy to have been able to take part in it! (...) Dan Fern



AFOMFS limited edition gift box 1 includes:
Matt Sewell's set of four and
three button badges by
Jason Munro.
All seven taken from AFOMFS (A Few of My Favourite Sneakers) series 1.

Gift box 2 includes designs by:
Rich Fairhead,
Stephen Cheetham,
Toby Neilan and
Simon Peplow.
All seven taken from AFOMFS series 1.



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